Forever Grateful !

Forever Grateful !


A year ago, I was a victim of an accident;

I was to write Primaries (a qualifying examination for intending Medical Specialists) the next day, but found myself, following a crash, lying by the side of the road, praying earnestly with each breath,as I didn’t know how much time I had left.

I was helped to the hospital shortly after,was bleeding,and in great pain.

I was given Immediate Emergency Care,and my colleagues and fellow candidates contacted my family…

The next morning,I was helped to the Exam venue, one eye couldn’t open( CT scan done later, revealed why) so I wrote with one eye,(the said eye copiously draining tears), I had multiple facial and body lacerations, Subluxation of my Left Shoulder Joint ,Dislocation of the Right Ankle Joint ,and bruises all over.

Majority of the examiner’s were of the opinion that I was in no shape to write exams,but one Examiner(of whom I am forever grateful) took the responsibility of saying I could go on to sit for the examination.

I was in Pain,the entire time and throughout the exam, but somehow found Strength in GOD’s Promise”

“I am GOD,your Strength,your deliverer, Your Help in time of Need” and I repeated this over and over while writing.

In the weeks following,I cried intermittently,sometimes felt helpless,and frequently prayed tearfully,

I wondered how on earth,with my devotion to GOD, I found myself in that situation,

but then family encouraged and helped me think better;rekindling and in effect maintaining an attitude of Perpetual Gratitude.

I found strength in GOD, Love expressly shown by My Amazing family, Wonderful friends and the song ” Oceans ” by Hillsong (I played it over&over countless times).

Looking back reflectively over the past one year,

Indeed GOD was extremely mindful of Me, He Preserved me,and by virtue of the fact that I was able to write the Exam and by His Grace, Pass; it opened up avenues for Blessings too numerous to mention. I am indeed Immensely ,Overwhelmingly and Forever Grateful to GOD for Everything.

A Word of Encouragement ;

In our walk with GOD, whatever we might have gone through or are going through, let’s be confident in the belief that GOD in his infinite Mercy, loves us Immensely and know’s how to work it out that occurrences or events do not delimitate our Life’s Purpose (what He has Purposed for Us); Rom 8:28

One thing though, GOD always does his part communicating to Us; (that Word of Wisdom,that Nudge, that Warning,the Prick of Conscience, the Go-Ahead Signal e.t.c) but sometimes, we may not be sensitive enough to know his leading, or may have too many distractions or are yet to develope and grow in sensitivity to GOD’s leading………

but if we conscientiously and continuously grow in intimacy with GOD,we experience and live Lives that are wonderfully Rewarding and Enriching, with No regrets,or missed opportunities,the Joy of a Life Of Purpose that wealth, fame,or even accomplishments in themselves can not give.

I am grateful for the gift of Life;

that Life forever being Lived in the Fulfilment of GOD’s Purpose.

May the Joy of a Fulfilling Life be ever Ours!


Your’s in this journey,

Dr. Margaret AFAM

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