Your CHOICE ? Or Not?

Have you ever had to reflect back in time, that a different decision in the past might have made the current quality of your life different? better or worse?

Have you ever thought in retrospect that perhaps, if you had been more focused,acted wisely, perhaps you could have gotten that Scholarship, that Admission, a higher Graduating Grade, made that breakthrough;

or perhaps with a different approach; you might have clinched that deal, that relationship might have been better and the list goes on…

When we experience failures or average hits (when we have in us the ability to be exceptional) and settle for it, we rob ourselves of being our best,we rob our Loved Ones and the World at large of the blessing we have in us to impact them with, but were just too lazy to.

More often than not, we go through experiences ; we learn(or tell ourselves we’ve learnt) and then after some time had passed,we somehow find ourselves with another exam/presentation(we are still not prepared for),or another situation very similar to the one, we are supposed to have learnt from; and then we wonder how on earth, despite our resolutions,we are back in the cycle, considering what we have supposedly learnt!

This cycle tends to occur when we associate PAIN with the effort it takes to CREATE and MAINTAIN habits that will bring about the desired results we truly desire,

while associating PLEASURE with our current lifestyle, habits and comforts, when in fact it is the other way round.

So that extra hour of sleep you gave in to which resulted in you waking up late, didnt allow for breakfast ,caused you to meet traffic, made you arrive late, and if this occurs often; it dosen’t  help for promotions,breakthrough’s or admiration e.t.c

Or it could be chasing that “High” ( in whatever form all in an attempt to numb the feeling of helplessness ,inadequacy ,frustration e.t.c which are often by products of the knowledge that we are meant for more and a mistaken belief that we are helpless to do anything about it or change the status quo),

It could even be the Movie series you just couldnt get enough of,or the mindless internet surfing done at the detriment of study time, work time, family time, investment in self development e.t.c

If because of these, you are having to miss that Admission or Scholarship ,get poor grades, Achieve Less,Forgo that Recognition or Award, perform below par, have poor relationships, resit that Paper, get a carry-over, an extra year, or miss that job/breakthrough, lose that business deal, or lose opportunities ( known, unknown ,and never to be known);

then honestly was the movie series,the distraction , or chasing that high worth all that loss?

Was it Worth,what You’ve probably been Robbed off?

Essentially, it turned out,that it was instead causing PAIN ,Serious Life PAIN and the efforts of practicing good Habits of Discipline were in fact the foundation to a Phenomenally better Deal,the Real Pleasure, which is better Outcome in Work,Relationships and Life in General.

We need to Consciously and Sub-Consciously come to the realization that TRUE Pain is Living below the LIFE we were created to LIVE, performing below our Capacity, Innate Talents, and an even DEEPER pain is ,being oblivious to who We were truly meant to be.

If Somehow, you have formed self -deprecating habits that constantly rob you of living your highest potential, if these habits have spanned months, years, decades, ask yourself, in Light of what true PAIN is;

Have I been making good choices? Have I lived the Highest most truthful expression of my LIFE?

If you fall short, Make the decision today to, Change those habits, and this involves Consistently taking actions that will fuel,maintain, and improve habits that are Self-elevating.

Please, Understand that it is not enough to want to change, one has to move beyond that, to actually CHANGING, choosing not to settle for less than our highest self;

We have to understand and conceptualize what REAL pain truly is;

with a conviction to maintain Self-elevating habits and improve upon them to enjoy lasting change and truly LIVE!

When we understand what TRUE Pain is; it helps our resolve to create and maintain habits that will give true ,long lasting pleasure, a life we truly desire not one we settle for.

It helps us overcome that temptation or distraction wanting to steal our life’s joy with promise of pleasure which at best is a mirage or a counterfeit to the life we truly really desire.

Shout Out to the Folks currently living their Best Life Now and impacting Lives Positively !

To Us all in this Journey, here’s to WAKING UP! TAKING and MAINTAINING ACTION!

Re-Conscientizing our MINDs to what REAL Pain is =Living Below Our TRUE Self and then LIVING Gloriously !

Yours in this Journey,

Margaret AFAM

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